Reducing Russian Investment in US Bonds

Data from the US Treasury showed that Russia reduced its investment in US government bonds in January last year by 9 times compared to December last year.

The data suggests that Russian investment in US bonds fell to $67 million in January from $629 million in December 2022.

Last January, Russia invested $54 million in long-term bonds (compared to $104 million in December) and $13 million in short-term bonds (compared to $525 million in December).

Notably, Russia has begun to reduce its holdings in US debt securities since 2018, as they fell from $96 billion to $48.7 billion in April 2018 and to $14.9 billion in May of that year, after how she invested hundreds of billions of dollars in these bonds. in earlier times.

Japan remains the largest investor in U.S. government debt as it invested about $1.1 trillion in January (up from $1.07 trillion in December), with China in second place with $859.4 billion. in January (867.1 billion dollars in December), and the UK in third place with 668.3 billion dollars in January (654.5 billion dollars in December).

Source: TASS

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