Recently, Gameplay Screenshots from The Highly Anticipated Game “First Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” were Leaked and Shared Online

A frequent dataminer for Ubisoft, @ScriptLeaksR6, is said to be responsible for leaking the first gameplay screenshot for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora online. It would appear that the user, who is primarily renowned for leaking details about Rainbow 6 Siege and, more recently, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, is now venturing into the world of Pandora.

First Avatar Frontiers of Pandora_

Although the image released is not very high quality, it is the first gameplay image we have seen in addition to the reveal trailer for the game.

Players have speculated that Avatar Frontiers of Pandora would resemble a Far Cry game with added Avatar skins. Hence, if you like the video game Far Cry, you will also enjoy this.

In addition to the photograph discovered to have been stolen, the dataminer also later stated that pre-orders for the game would soon be available.

Although Ubisoft has not disclosed very much official information regarding the game, its official description states that ”

Massive Entertainment, a studio owned by Ubisoft, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney, worked together to develop the first-person action-adventure video game Avatar: Frontiers of PandoraTM. The game is played from the perspective of the player controlling Aang. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora brings to life the enticing world of Pandora with its beauty and danger in an immersive, open-world experience. It was developed particularly for the next generation of consoles and the Computer. It was built utilizing the latest iteration of the Snowdrop engine.

First Avatar Frontiers of Pando ra_

“In this brand-new, self-contained tale, you take on the role of a Na’vi and set out on an adventure through Pandora’s Western Frontier, a region that has never been explored. Defeat the formidable RDA forces that are a menace to the globe you explore. At the same time, you do it in an alive and dynamic setting.

The PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna will all support the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora video game launch.

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