Real Madrid Adopts Moroccan Child Abdel Rahim After Tragic Earthquake

Real Madrid to Adopt Moroccan Child Who Lost His Family in Earthquake

Spanish club Real Madrid, after an hours-long search trip, was able to contact Moroccan child Abdel Rahim, who lost his entire family in a devastating earthquake.

Real Madrid’s Desire to Adopt

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Spanish media was abuzz with the news of Real Madrid’s desire to adopt a Moroccan child who appeared on television wearing a Royal team jersey, talking about his dreams and those of his father, who died in the earthquake along with his family. Whole family.

The story of the young Moroccan aroused great sympathy that went beyond the borders of Morocco and the Arab world, reaching the Spanish capital, where Real Madrid expressed the desire to find Abdel Rahim in order to communicate with him through the club’s social organizations that are active in such situations.

Real Madrid have decided to transfer Abdel Rahim to Spain and continue his studies or integrate him into the club’s football academy, according to a report by Spanish journalist Tony Padilla, close to the royal club.

Abdel Rahim’s Happiness and Gratitude

Abdel Rahim spoke of his happiness in a wonderful gesture announced by Real Madrid, saying: “At first I didn’t believe it, I’m very happy…”

Abdel Rahim added: “I am a Real Madrid fan and follow all their matches. I lost my irreplaceable family, but I am very grateful for the love and support of the Moroccan people.”


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