Question in the US Congress: "Do you think men can get pregnant?"?

At a congressional hearing to repeal the right to abortion, Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Hira Bridges, a UCLA law professor, had a dispute over the ability of men to get pregnant.

In the details of this notable quarrel, USA Today reported that the congressman drew attention to the inaccuracy of the expert’s reasoning about American citizens affected by the abortion ban, as Hawley asked: “You are talking about people who have the ability to conceive, are they women?”

In response to law professor Bridges’ claim that transgender men are also “able to get pregnant,” the legislator asked the expert to clarify who, in her opinion, had the right to terminate a pregnancy.

“I want to emphasize that your questions are transphobic and incite people to violence because you don’t acknowledge them,” Bridges said in her response.

The senator expressed bewilderment how he could provoke people to aggression with his words, and the professor turned to him and asked: “Do you think men can get pregnant?”

Hawley responded in the negative, adding that he did not believe that men could get pregnant, while Bridges spoke out in harsh terms and did not try to hide her feelings: “So you deny the existence of transgender people. Thanks”.

In response, Hawley wondered if the professor was being categorical in her classes or if her students still had the right to ask questions.

Ironically, his opponent stated that the senator would do well to attend her lectures, where he “can learn something.”

The Conservative-dominated Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade in 1973, overturned constitutional guarantees for the right to abortion and allowed US states to regulate the practice themselves.

Nearly half of the 50 states plan to ban or significantly restrict abortion in their territories. Until now, US authorities have not been allowed to regulate abortions in the first trimester, and in the second trimester only administrative intervention was allowed to protect the health of the mother.

Biden called the decision of the Supreme Court to deny the existence of the constitutional right to abortion appalling and promised that the consequences will be felt not only by women, but also by American men.

Source: RIA Novosti

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