Protests Emerge Against Judicial Reform in Israel as Remembrance Day Commences

Thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening in Tel Aviv, coinciding with the start of celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the founding of Israel.

Israelis have held weekly demonstrations for four months against the judicial reform that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu wants to implement, which critics consider anti-democratic.

Protesters raised Israeli flags and chanted the slogan “democracy” before a concert by popular singers, similar to what happens in other cities in the country, where stands and outdoor concerts were held on the streets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for unity in a speech broadcast on a giant screen at the start of the ceremony in Jerusalem.

The ceremony passed without incident, despite fears that it would be disrupted by anti-judicial reform activists.

In the meantime, reformists are planning to gather on Thursday evening in front of the Knesset (parliament).

Since the reform project was announced in early January, tens of thousands of Israelis have demonstrated on a weekly basis against the text and the government that Netanyahu formed in December.

On March 27, Netanyahu announced a “suspension” of reform to allow “an opportunity for dialogue” after protests intensified, a general strike began and tensions flared up within the ruling coalition.

As for the government, the text aims, among other things, to rebalance powers by strengthening the powers of parliament at the expense of the Supreme Court, which he sees as politicized, and critics of the reform argue that it threatens to open the way for authoritarian deviations.

Source: AFP.

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