Prosecutor to Seek Attempted Murder Charges Against Israeli Consular Officer in New York

An employee of the Israeli consulate in New York has been charged with attempted murder of a man outside a nightclub in the US city of Manhattan.

According to the Israeli website Wala, on February 26, a 24-year-old consular officer attacked a 42-year-old man outside a nightclub in the city with a glass jug and hit him on the head several times and only stopped when the jar broke and the victim was transferred to the hospital. after a cerebral hemorrhage and multiple wounds.

According to the accusation, the consular officer used the same pitcher before the incident to smash the window of the taxi in which he was traveling.

While the circumstances and causes of the accident have not yet been clarified, the lawsuit has shown that there is evidence of a credit card charge that the defendant was at the club that night, and it is possible that the two men met at the club prior to the accident.

Source: Wallah website

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