Prime Matter Announces ‘The Gloom Below’ Expansion: Release Date, Gameplay Details, and More

Prime Matter Announces The Gloom Below Expansion

Surprisingly, Prime Matter has The Gloom Below expansion the chant announced. It will be released on September 12, will be presented to us with the launch trailer and all the information about it can be found in the press release:

The Gloom Below takes players to the depths of a surreal amalgamation of The Gloom and the physical world on the next level of adventure.

Alongside the cursed Anton family and the stories of the captured cult members, players must fight their way through unpredictable encounters and collect the ingredients needed to destroy the heart of The Gloom.

The new content offers additional information, improved skills, new weapons and some new enemies, as well as a clear emphasis on the combat and action elements of the game, allowing players to enjoy many more hours of gameplay. Each death brings players closer to their escape, so finding the right build will be crucial.

The DLC is free to anyone who owns the base game and will be available on PlaySation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, it must be redeemed manually and is not automatically updated. Full instructions can be found on the relevant store pages.

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