President Trump could face indictment as soon as Monday night, March 20

Politico reports that former US President Donald Trump could be charged with falsifying financial documents from the “Trump company” on Monday evening or Wednesday.

CNN previously reported, citing sources, that the charges could be brought on Tuesday. It is not yet clear whether Trump has received formal notice that he will appear before the extended jury in New York, which is tasked with hearing the case.

And the channel points out that if an extended jury recommends indictment, it would be the first such precedent in US history.

Prior to this, charges against former President Richard Nixon had only been considered once, in the Watergate case. But he was pardoned by his successor, President Gerald Ford.

On Saturday, Trump confirmed via the Pravda social network that the New York Attorney General’s office was preparing to arrest him on Tuesday, and urged his supporters to come out to protest.

Source: TASS

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