Preserving Family Memories: Introducing Inalife’s Digital Legacy Platform

A Digital Legacy Platform to Preserve Family Memories

A new startup, Inalife, has created a digital legacy platform that aims to help families preserve their precious memories, create an interactive family tree and even record messages for other members to be played at a date in the future — like when a new baby grows up and reaches adulthood, for example.

Preserving Memories and Connecting Generations

The Hong Kong-based company launched its desktop app in July, which attracted a few hundred users, but it now is hoping to gain more traction with the upcoming releases of its mobile apps for iOS and Android, due next week.

Inalife Founder Inspired by Personal Experience

Inalife founder and CEO Nicholas Worley said he was inspired to create Inalife after losing members of his own family and realized he wished he had known more about their histories.

“The initial idea happened after my paternal grandfather passed away in 1999 from prostate cancer and my maternal grandmother the same year from Alzheimer’s,” Worley told GamingIdeology. “After they passed away I had a dream where I saw them but they were my age,16, and when I woke up I realized I didn’t know anything about them aside from them being my grandparents. This included what they were l…

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