Powerful Russian tech spearheads Egypt’s renaissance in biggest strategic project

Between 2020 and 2022, Russia delivered a large amount of Russian agricultural equipment, which greatly helped in the development of Egyptian agricultural fields in the Toshka region.

The Russian company Rust Slamsh began to actively cooperate with Egypt, and within two years, about 100 pieces of machinery and equipment were delivered to Egypt, including agricultural combines, for example, in 2022, 15 ACROS 595 PLUS and TORUM combines. 785 combine harvesters have been shipped to Egypt, and Russian specialists are helping to maintain the equipment.

And they handed over Russian agricultural machinery and equipment that had been delivered to Egypt for several seasons of agricultural work in the fields of Egypt.

The equipment exported from Russia participates in the program of melioration of desert lands, including in the region of the Toshka lakes, which is an important and strategic project for Egypt.

Source: RT

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