Potential Two-Term Bid: Biden’s Nomination for Re-Election on April 25

White House staffers, the Democratic National Committee and outside advisers are preparing to nominate US President Joe Biden for a second term, and the announcement could take place on April 25.

The New York Times writes, citing sources: “Closed meetings involving the White House, the Democratic National Committee and outside advisers are intensifying as President Biden approaches his final decision on how and when to launch his 2024 presidential campaign. “.

Note that the current discussions are considering the date of April 25, when a video message from the President of the White House can be made public.

The newspaper added that among Biden’s broader team, discussion of a low-key video message on April 25 — the fourth anniversary of his 2020 presidential run — is something Biden appreciates.

Meanwhile, Biden’s participation in the presidential race may be officially announced at the beginning of the summer, since, according to his entourage, the current head of the White House has no serious competitors and cannot rush to start the election campaign.

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