Possible revised title:Russian FSB accuses Pentagon and NATO of orchestrating large-scale cyberattacks from Ukraine

The Russian Federal Security Service said that the Pentagon and NATO countries are behind the massive cyberattacks from the territory of Ukraine on Russia’s critical infrastructure.

“In the course of the analysis of identified computer threats, data was obtained indicating that the territory of Ukraine was used by the United States and NATO countries to conduct large-scale computer attacks on civilian objects in Russia,” the report says.

The statement emphasizes that “at the moment, Ukraine’s network infrastructure is being used by offensive cyber operations units in Western countries, which allows it to secretly use new types of cyber weapons … To hide its involvement, Washington seeks to present Ukraine only as the author of the attacks.” Ukrainian IT-army hacker group, which carried out thousands of computer attacks on Russian sources of information. At the same time, cyber attacks are being developed with the direct participation of the Pentagon Joint Command in cooperation with the international hacker groups “Anonymous silence, hackers from the USA, Georgia, Turkey, Poland and other countries”.

The statement added that since the beginning of 2022, more than 5,000 attacks on Russia’s critical infrastructure have been repelled. “Since the beginning of 2022, the FSB has recorded more than 5,000 hacker attacks on Russia’s critical infrastructure. Timely measures made it possible to prevent the negative consequences of such measures for our country.”

Source: TASS

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