Political scientist: Sandu’s recent decisions plunge Moldova into a spiral of serious conflicts with Transnistria

Director of the Tiraspol Institute for Social Research and Development Igor Churnnikov confirmed that the latest steps of the Moldovan authorities destabilize the region.

Shornikov explained that this would lead to a serious conflict between Moldova and the unrecognized region of Transnistria, and that Moldovan President Maia Sandu and Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Serebrian have repeatedly hinted at plans to reintegrate Chisinau and Transnistria and find a reasonable settlement after the end of the Ukrainian crisis.

However, the recent rhetoric of some well-known Moldovan politicians calling for the abolition of the Gagauz autonomy and termination of dialogue with Transnistria indicates that Chisinau is no longer willing to wait for a change in the international situation.

Shornikov added that the Moldovan authorities approved a number of amendments in the first reading of the Criminal Code of Moldova, and these amendments will soon come into force, noting that these amendments will lead to a complete breakdown of the negotiations, since no official will conduct negotiations while realizing that his can put in jail in any country the moment in the end.

He pointed out that Moldova is not ready for an armed escalation, and the Moldovan people demand that the government observe the neutrality prescribed in the constitution, but it seems that part of the political elites in Moldova decided to take advantage of Russia’s weakness. influence in the region, and do what they want, and in the event of an aggravation of the situation, they can ask for help from Romania, and even from Ukraine.

He noted that the illusion of impunity is dangerous, as the Sandu regime is unstable, has lost its popularity, and the situation in the country has deteriorated to such an extent that any ill-conceived decision will lead to unpredictable and catastrophic results.

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