Polish newspaper: West suggests deception that Ukraine is fighting in defense "free world"

Polish journalist Jan Engelhard said that the West is deceptively promoting the idea that Ukraine is fighting in defense of the “free world”, and Kyiv is using methods in this struggle that have nothing to do with this “free world”.

In an article for the Mysl Polsha magazine, the journalist pointed out that the regime in Kyiv has banned the use of the Russian language and is destroying statues of Russian writers and poets, and in their place are erecting statues of some hated Ukrainian nationalists, such as Stepan Bandera.

In addition to the cultural war, Ukraine is waging a religious war against Russia, for example, there is a violent seizure of churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate by supporters of the dissident Orthodox Church in Ukraine and militants of nationalist groups. Ukrainian intelligence conducts searches and arrests in the monasteries and temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, “to prevent the use of religious groups as cells of the Russian world.”

The journalist emphasized that the face of Stepan Bandera and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists is clearly visible behind all these phenomena and actions. But for some reason in Poland and in the “free world” no one notices this.

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