Parties supporting Japan’s constitutional amendments win more than two-thirds of seats in parliament

The governing coalition formed by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party won a majority in Japan’s upper house of parliament in recent elections.

Voting results are calculated live on the channel NHK TVbringing the LDP to 63 seats, the best result since 2013. The Komeito Party won 13 seats.

The Japanese Renaissance League won 12 seats, the Constitutional Democratic Party won 17 seats, and 6 independents were elected.

There are 35 women among the elected representatives, the most in the history of voting in the Senate.

In addition, the ruling coalition that advocates for amending the country’s constitution, along with the Japan Renaissance Association and the People’s Democratic Party, won 90 seats in the vote, giving them more than two-thirds of the seats in the Senate. This limit is necessary for any proposals for constitutional amendments to be submitted for further consideration.

Elections to the Senate are held every three years, but unlike the House of Representatives, not the entire composition is re-elected, but half of the representatives are re-elected.

In the current elections, 545 candidates from 15 parties competed for 125 seats. According to the proportional system, 50 deputies were elected from party lists, and 75 deputies from individual constituencies.

About 16.12 million people voted in the last elections.

Source: RIA Novosti

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