Officer of the Luhansk troops: collection of foreign mercenaries in Solidar and Artemivsk

An officer of the forces of the Luhansk Republic, Andrei Maruchko, said that the intelligence of this republic recorded the presence of foreign instructors in the Soledarsky and Artemovsky districts of Donbass, who arrived with weapons supplied by the West.

He added: “A large number of English-speaking people, presumably foreign mercenaries, have been recorded in Solidar and Artemovsk. According to our intelligence, so-called instructors are now arriving with all types of Western weapons to immediately train Ukrainian military personnel in the use of these types of weapons.”

This applies not only to HIMARS systems, but also to other types of artillery that are now arriving in the area, Maroshko explained.

He said: “French and Polish defenders are also being actively deployed to the region, and this is being done with foreign coaches.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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