North Korean President Sends Congratulations to Putin on Russia Day

North Korean President Kim Jong-un sent a congratulatory telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of Russia Day, in which he expressed his full support and solidarity with the Russian people and wished them prosperity and victory.

“Comrade Kim Jong-un stressed that today’s struggle of the Russian people against the growing threat and the call of hostile forces trying to undermine the sovereignty, security and peaceful life of the country is entering a new critical phase,” the telegram says.

She added: “Comrade Kim Jong-un noted that our people express their full support and solidarity with the Russian people, who are striving for the sacred cause of protecting the sovereign rights and interests of Russia against the will and arbitrariness of the imperialists.”

Kim Jong Un added: “Justice will always prevail and the Russian people will continue to celebrate the history of victory.”

The DPRK President also noted that the friendship between the peoples of North Korea and Russia has become a “valuable strategic asset” for both countries, and Kim Jong-un said that he is ready to further promote good relations and strategic cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow. .

Russia Day is celebrated annually on June 12 in Russia. It is an official public holiday and this date refers to the declaration of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation on this day in 1990.

Source: TASS

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