North Korean Leader Greenlights Mission to Launch Country’s Inaugural Reconnaissance Satellite

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un approved the work plan of the committee to prepare for the launch of the country’s first reconnaissance satellite.

North Korea’s central news agency reported that Kim Jong-un was briefed on the progress of preparations for the launch of the satellite and inspected the satellite “prepared for launch.”

The agency quoted Kim Jong-un as saying that the successful launch of the satellite is “urgent given the country’s security situation,” noting that North Korea “will resolutely exercise its right to self-defense and sovereignty.” in the light of the activities of the US and South Korea in the region.

The North Korean leader has ordered preparations to launch the first North Korean reconnaissance satellite on April 19.

The moon is intended to enhance North Korea’s intelligence gathering capabilities.

Prior to this, Pyongyang announced the launch of a new Hwaseong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile that runs on solid fuel.

Source: agencies

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