New Restrictions Imposed by US on Companies from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia

Today, Friday, the US Department of Commerce announced new sanctions and export restrictions against 71 companies from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

According to a document published in the US Federal Register, the US Department “expanded the list of export restrictions to include 71 companies whose activities are contrary to the interests of national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

The new restrictions will affect one company from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan each, the rest of the companies are Russian.

Among the Russian companies that fell under the sanctions are the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics, the Kazan Powder Plant and the Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant.

Washington said that the reason for imposing restrictions on these companies in the United States is “support for the Russian military defense complex.”

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