Netanyahu not on Biden’s immediate invite list for White House visit

On Tuesday evening, US President Joe Biden touched on judicial reform in Israel and the massive street protests against it.

Biden said: “Like many big supporters of Israel, I am very concerned that Israel cannot go down this path, as I have said before.”

He added that he did not intend to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the White House anytime soon.

Earlier, US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nedis said it was likely that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be invited to visit the White House after Easter in early April.

The US ambassador told Israeli Army Radio, “Soon Netanyahu will be invited to visit the White House … and I think he will be invited to this visit after Passover.”

And Israeli Army Radio reported earlier that senior US officials advised Netanyahu not to visit Washington for the time being, arguing that President Joe Biden would not avoid public criticism of the Israeli government during the visit.

Despite the formation of the Israeli government about 3 months ago, Biden still has not invited Netanyahu to meet with him at the White House.

Source: Agencies + “i24 News”

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