Netanyahu addresses demonstrators against his government: "Enough incitement"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized on Twitter the demonstrations that began in Tel Aviv yesterday, Saturday, and said: “Enough of the incitement.”

Netanyahu released a video clip of the remnants of demonstrators dispersed along Tel Aviv’s main Ayalon Street after yesterday’s storming of police checkpoints, calling them “traitors” followed by the phrase “Enough incitement.”

Where one of the demonstrators wrote the words “Netanyahu the traitor” in the middle of the street.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier accused the Israeli opposition of inciting against him, his family and other government ministers.

Netanyahu explained that the Israeli opposition’s incitement had taken a dangerous turn, noting that demonstrations organized by the opposition on Friday called for his assassination.

On January 22, the Likud party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, filed a lawsuit against a left-wing protester, accusing him of instigating Netanyahu’s assassination and comparing him to Hitler.

It is noteworthy that demonstrations led by the Israeli opposition have not stopped in various cities since Netanyahu took over as prime minister.

Source: RT

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