NATO Confirms No Expansion Plans with Armenia, Yerevan Yet to Apply: Spokesman

NATO Denies Considering Armenia’s Membership

A NATO spokesman confirmed that the alliance is not considering the possibility of expansion by including Armenia, and Yerevan itself has not applied to join the alliance.

NATO Spokesman Responds to Controversial Statement

A spokesman told the Russian newspaper Izvestia, commenting on a statement by the head of NATO’s European Development Committee, Gunther Voellinger: “Mr Voellinger has no official relations with NATO. He is not an employee of the alliance. His views and opinions are his alone.” “This does not reflect the views of the Alliance “

The European Development Committee and Its Relation to NATO

He noted that NATO’s European Development Committee is not a body or committee associated with the alliance, despite its name.

He emphasized that the alliance partners themselves must determine the level of their relations with Yerevan, and also stated that Armenia “has not submitted an official application to join the alliance.”

Armenia’s Cooperation with NATO

It should be noted that last Monday, Fellinger said that Armenia should join NATO, and later that day, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Vahan Kostanyan said that his country cooperates with NATO in various forms and formats and is ready to continue this process.

Source: TASS

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