National Review Readers Criticize Biden "disaster" for his participation in the war against Russia

US National Review readers commented on the article, which concluded that “President Joe Biden has unwittingly found himself in a proxy war with Russia.”

The magazine notes that before the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, Biden hinted that a “little conflict” would not prompt the US and NATO to retaliate.

He added: “Now the American president is seeing the consequences of an escalating conflict through high energy and food prices, world hunger and a very cold winter that is in store for Europe, and he may just want to get out of this mess.”

Commentator Kelly 3 expressed his opinion: “Politicians have decided that we need to get involved in another conflict, spend billions of dollars on it, and that this will be very beneficial for the Americans.”

Lysander McGrath said: “With our sanctions, we have raised the price of oil … idiots.”

“We haven’t seen such bad and incompetent leaders even under Obama,” Jonathan said.

David Pearl commented: “Joe Biden has no idea how to lead the United States … this is a tragedy and a big disaster.”

Source: “News”

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