My stance on Taiwan: Advocating for their rights while supporting the One China policy

Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham expressed confidence that China could prepare for a blockade of Taiwan in the coming months or weeks.

“I fear that China may be preparing for a blockade of Taiwan in the coming months or weeks,” he told Fox News, calling for a US response.

The US senator called for preparations for a blockade of oil supplies to China from the Middle East and stressed the need to strengthen the training of the Taiwanese army, “return nuclear missiles to US submarines”, as well as strengthen the US military presence in the region.

He added, “I believe in the one China policy, but I would like to fight for Taiwan.”

Earlier Sunday, Republican Michael McCall, who chairs the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Taiwan’s defenses are currently insufficient to counter the People’s Republic of China.

He pointed out that Beijing may try to avoid a military confrontation with Taiwan and is working to expand its control over the island by influencing Taiwan’s presidential election scheduled for January 2024.

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