Moscow Opposes Legalization of Drug Trafficking and Will Stand Firm at International Forums

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that Russia is categorically against the legalization of soft drugs and will continue to defend its position in international forums.

Joint Interior Ministry Irina Volk said the Russian Interior Ministry’s Joint Council held a meeting in Moscow with Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his Belarusian counterpart Ivan Kubrako to discuss the drug problem.

During the meeting, Kolokoltsev explained that “the legalization of” light “drugs, which we are seeing in a number of Western countries, activates their consumption among the younger generation, and Russia categorically rejects this approach, and will continue to defend its position in all international forums.”

Kolokoltsev added that criminal groups controlled by Kyiv officials are recruiting Russian citizens to distribute drugs, and even the SBU uses a lie detector to check “their” drug dealers.

He drew attention to the danger posed by foreign intelligence services and national organizations to Russia’s national security, noting that “many cases have been documented when criminal groups affiliated with Ukraine attracted citizens to distribute drugs on Russian territory.”

Kolokoltev noted that employees of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were directly involved in the organization of secret laboratories, and recruited drug dealers were checked with the help of lie detectors for “reliability.”

Kolokoltsev stressed that the situation is under control, despite all Ukrainian and Western attempts.

Irina Volk, spokeswoman for the Russian Interior Ministry, noted that as a result of the joint work of the ministries, it became possible to introduce members of large criminal structures involved in the distribution of synthetic drugs in Russia through online stores.

Volk noted that about 3,000 drug crimes were detected in the regions of Russia bordering Belarus, more than 1,000 persons involved in its commission were identified, about 900 kilograms of prohibited substances were seized.

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