Mortada Mansour Reveals Fantastic Reward for Zamalek Players

Adviser Mortada Mansour, chairman of the Zamalek club, surprised Ahmed Syed Zizu, the club’s star, after a big win over a clean five on Tuesday at the 30th stage of the Egyptian League.

Khaled Al Gandour reported on the screen of the Zamalek channel that Mansour decided to pay a special reward from his personal pocket to Ahmed Syed Ziz after the latter passed the ball to Seif Al Jazeera in the attack of the third goal, despite his complete isolation on the goal.

Zizou scored 3 hat-tricks and scored two goals in the match between Zamalek and Al-Makasa, contributing to all five goals.

Mansour also mentioned in television statements on satellite channel Zamalek that there will be “a fictitious reward for players when they win a league championship.”

President Zamalek had previously commissioned a plaque bearing the name of Gusvaldo Ferreira, coach of the first football team at the White Castle, to be placed in the garden opposite the Abdel Latif Abu Regail stadium as a kind of honor for the Portuguese coach.

Source: “Egyptian Media”

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