Moroccan Government Announces Special Fund to Aid Earthquake Victims and Affected Areas

Special Fund Announced by Moroccan Government to Address Earthquake Consequences

Moroccan government spokesman Mustapha Paytas announced the creation of a special fund to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake and take urgent measures to provide assistance to the population and affected areas.

Government Meeting and Fund Details

Paytas said: “This exceptional fund was announced following a government meeting today, Sunday, which was held remotely at 5:00 pm to receive private, public and civil voluntary contributions to cover the costs associated with the emergency rehabilitation and support program for victims.”

Efforts of Civil and Military Services

He added: “Various civil and military services, as well as civil and military medical services, worked under royal instructions from the first moments of the earthquake to intervene quickly, efficiently and effectively to help the victims and recover the bodies of the martyrs.”

Continued Relief and Support

He stressed that field work continues with every effort being made to continue the relief operation and to provide all support and assistance to those affected.

He confirmed that “more than 1,000 doctors, both public and private, and 1,500 nurses” had been recruited, and “various existing and nearby hospitals and ambulances were deployed to provide emergency medical care to the wounded.”

Education Plans and Earthquake Details

Regarding the suspension of education in hard-hit areas, Paytas promised that the government would find “formulas for continuing education in the coming days with full contact with families.”

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7 occurred in several regions of Morocco, the epicenter of which was the Al-Haouz and Marrakesh areas.

Increasing Death Toll

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior announced that the death toll from the earthquake that struck Morocco had risen to more than 2,100 as of 10:00 pm Friday local time.

Medical sources and civil defense officials in Morocco expect the death toll to rise as rescue operations continue.

Source: Hespress

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