More than 70 foreign banks have joined colleagues "Quick" Russian

Today, Wednesday, President of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina announced that more than 70 foreign banks from 12 countries have joined the Russian financial system, an alternative to SWIFT.

The statement was made during the speech of the President of the Central Bank of Russia at the conference of the Russian Federation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs today, Wednesday.

According to the official, the Russian regulator (Russian Bank) is ready to connect all institutions to the Russian financial system, which is alternative to Swift, as it has all the necessary technical solutions for this.

But many partners are afraid of secondary sanctions for linking to the Russian banking system, so the list of banks that have joined the system is not disclosed.

And in April last year, the head of the Russian Center indicated that more than 50 foreign companies had already joined the Russian financial messaging system.


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