Ministers of Internal Affairs of Poland and Baltic States Demand Removal of Wagner PMC Fighters from Belarus: Updates on Escalating Border Situation

Ministers of Poland and Baltic States Demand Removal of Wagner PMC Fighters from Belarus

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland, Mariusz Kaminsky, said that the Ministers of Internal Affairs of Poland and the Baltic States demanded that Belarus remove Wagner PMC fighters from its territory.

Joint Demand for Immediate Removal

After meeting with colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, the minister said today, on Monday: “We agreed to the request. We demanded that the Belarusian authorities immediately leave the Wagner group on the territory of Belarus and that the illegal immigrants quickly leave the territory of Belarus. border areas where Belarusian intelligence takes them.”

He added that the situation on the borders between the Baltic countries, Poland, and Belarus is now escalating, noting that the Wagner group is a “very dangerous group.”

Poland’s Reinforcement of Borders

The head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczynski, said in June last year that Poland’s borders had been reinforced due to the presence of Wagner militants. The Polish authorities also decided to transfer about 500 police officers to it, increase the number of soldiers, and use snipers.

Closure of Borders with Belarus

In addition, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausida agreed earlier this month to close the borders with Belarus due to the presence of the Wagner group on its territory in agreement with Poland and Latvia.

Transfer of Experience to Belarusian Forces

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in August that Wagner fighters in Belarus are transferring experience to his country’s army and special forces for free.

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