Meta-owned Twitter Rival Threads Introduces Convenient Account Switching Feature

Meta-owned Twitter rival Threads introduces account switching feature

Threads, a social networking app owned by Meta, has now added a convenient way for users to switch between multiple accounts without logging out.

On Thursday, the app announced that mobile users can simply long press on the profile icon located at the bottom right of the screen to swap accounts. After the long press, tapping on the “Add profile” option allows users to add a new profile.

This new feature makes it much easier for users to seamlessly transition between their work and personal profiles. It is currently unclear if there is a limit on the number of accounts that can be added to this profile-switching capability.

The interesting aspect of this announcement is that it aligns with Facebook’s recent update allowing users to have multiple personal profiles on its Blue app.

Since its launch over three months ago, Threads has been steadily releasing new features. Just last month, it began testing full-text search functionality in New Zealand and Australia before rolling it out globally earlier this month.

In September, Threads introduced additional features like setting 24-hour notifications for specific posts and the ability to quote posts on the web.

It’s worth noting that other competing social media platforms are also implementing new features in response to the competitive landscape. For example, Mastodon recently released version 4.2 with enhancements such as improved search capabilities for profiles and posts, automatic quick action suggestions, an upgraded web interface with better thread indicators and article previews, as well as a new Privacy and Reach settings tab.

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