Medvedev: The West is ready to defeat Russia in a proxy war at any cost

Deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev expressed confidence that the collective West is ready to go to any cost to achieve the goal of defeating Prussia through a “proxy war” on the territory of Ukraine.

“The goal of defeating Russia in an indirect confrontation seems to justify any costs for the collective West, which is not at all interested in ordinary Ukrainians (like Europeans) suffering from this conflict more than others.

Medvedev noted that “the total volume of the “targeted package” of US military assistance to our adversaries will soon reach about $50 billion, in addition to supplies from Europe.”

He explained that the lion’s share of these supplies was provided during the period of the special operation, but since August 2021, they began to flow intensively to Ukraine.

Medvedev wrote: “During the special operation, Ukraine received more than enough to prolong the hostilities as much as possible. These are at least 40 HIMARS missile launchers and ammunition, 8 NASAMS air defense systems, 31 M1 tanks, 45 T-72V, 109 infantry fighting vehicles Bradley, 300 M113 armored personnel carriers, 90 Striker armored personnel carriers, over 1,600 Stinger missiles, over 8,500 Javelin missiles and over 50,000 other anti-tank systems.

In addition, the US administration authorized the supply of weapons and military equipment to the United States from some NATO and EU member countries in the amount of more than $13 billion.

In addition, the US administration allowed NATO member states and the European Union to send more than $13 billion worth of American weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

According to Medvedev, the supply of a huge amount of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine forced some European defense ministries and the Pentagon to recognize the shortage of their remaining stocks of these parts.

Medvedev stressed that the West is only prolonging the “extinction” of Ukraine in the hope of weakening and exhausting Russia, “its longtime and most important geopolitical adversary” and its beloved “dog sons”.

Medvedev pointed out that Russia’s nuclear capability is the biggest deterrent and that supporters of the Kyiv regime are unaware of this fact.

He emphasized that the Russian defense industry is capable of producing everything necessary to repel and suppress any aggression, noting that local gunsmiths have expanded their production using the latest technologies, and have also “well studied the enemy’s weapons.”

In conclusion, Medvedev said that Russia is a self-sufficient country, and it has no “honor” and there is no point in putting pressure on it.

Source: agencies

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