Media: Washington is considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with additional weapons to attack Crimea

The New York Times, citing informed sources, reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden began to understand that Ukraine needed additional opportunities to attack Crimea.

The newspaper notes: “After months of negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities, the Biden administration is finally beginning to recognize that Kyiv may need additional capabilities and forces to strike at Russian territory, even if this step increases the risks of escalation.”

She noted that the White House until recently refused to provide Kyiv with weapons to strike at targets on the peninsula, but “now this line has become softer.”

And she pointed out that “concerns” about the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia began to recede in the White House, although experts still do not exclude such a possibility.

She added: “The US administration is now considering one of its ‘boldest moves’, which is to help Ukraine attack the peninsula as it explores a range of weapons as possible means of attack, including Himars and Bradley armored personnel carriers. but he refrained from supplying long-range missiles.”

The newspaper added: “US authorities say they do not know how Putin will react if Ukraine attacks Crimea with American weapons.”

Source: News

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