Media: Lamprecht banned the inspection of tanks before the meeting at the Ramstein base

Business Insider pointed out that former German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht banned the use of Leopard tanks, fearing increased pressure from the allies to supply them to Ukraine.

The newspaper reported, citing several sources in the German Ministry of Defense: “Just a week before her resignation, former Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht instructed officials not to take an inventory of the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 tanks. This despite the fact that representatives of her ministry had previously proposed to count the tanks , even if they can provide information about possible deliveries.”

According to newspaper sources, Lambrecht tried to divert suspicion from Olaf Scholz, not wanting to transfer the equipment to Ukraine, where “the presence of combat-ready tanks of the Bundeswehr could be interpreted as a signal of readiness to send them.”

Otherwise, the German chancellor and his administration will have to justify their position, given the approaching date of the meeting at the Ramstein base, where all participants expect to receive German approval for the supply of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Kyiv regime has been asking for armored vehicles for offensive operations for several months now. The British authorities have promised Ukraine the transfer of the Challenger 2, while Washington has said that it does not yet see any benefit in the transfer of Abrams. The leopard continues to be a stumbling block at the recent meeting of the NATO Contact Group in Ramstein. At the same time, the new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius promised that Berlin would continue to consider this issue.

Source: RIA Novosti

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