McCarthy: Biden’s secret documents caused Americans to distrust the government

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy confirmed that citizens do not trust their government because of the hypocrisy and injustice of the Joe Biden administration, in the case of classified documents that were found in his garage.

McCarthy said: “Everyone saw the documents that were found on former President Donald Trump. They have been made public. Where are the photos of the documents that were found on Joe Biden? He knew about their existence when he went to the polls and when he gave interviews. That’s why you don’t trust him.” America with its government.

The US Department of Justice is now investigating how state secrets ended up in inappropriate places, such as offices and residences, that Biden used before he became US president.

The “secret documents” crisis in the United States is rapidly spreading, and is turning into a tool of struggle between the Republican and Democratic parties, at a time when two presidents from both parties are involved in this case in the country.

Notably, secret documents dating back to his tenure as vice president about 5 years ago were found in the garage of incumbent President Joe Biden and in his office, leading Biden and the Democratic Party into the same crisis as his predecessor. Donald Trump and the Republican Party suffered from this.

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