Lukashenko: Recognizing the West as Unfriendly, We Plan to Rekindle Ties with Russia, as in the Soviet Era

Recently, a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union State of Russia and Belarus began under the chairmanship of Putin and Lukashenko.

The most striking statements of the Belarusian President:

Lukashenko: The Union State of Russia and Belarus surpasses many allied countries.

Lukashenko: Ease of movement of citizens, capital and the business community contributes to the strengthening of the Union State.

Lukashenko: We realized that the West is not our friend, so we will cooperate with Russia, as it was in Soviet times.

Lukashenko: Strengthening the borders of the two countries allowed us to fight terrorism and smuggling of drugs and goods.

Lukashenko: Russia and Belarus are involved in work on import substitution (import substitution) from the West, including electronic chips.

Lukashenko: There are 8,000 joint factories between Russia and Belarus, which employ hundreds of thousands of workers.

Lukashenko: Media holdings should be created for the Union State between Russia and Belarus.

He follows.

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