Loss of a German priest in Mali

A Catholic priest with German citizenship has been missing in Mali since Sunday evening, according to clerics and his relatives, who found his car near the institute where he teaches.

“Hans-Joachim Loher’s car was found in the Bamako area, not far from the educational institution where he gives lessons,” a spokesman for the Bamako Episcopal Conference told AFP.

A German priest nicknamed “Ha Jo” has lived in Mali for 30 years and studies in Mali’s capital at the Islamic Christian Training Institute, which accepts students from Africa, according to one of his relatives, who expressed “great concern”. .”

An employee at the Faith and Encounter Center in Bamako, also run by the missing priest, said the priest “teaches dialogue between religions and sincerely believes that peaceful coexistence between religions is possible.”

“We are doing our best to find Ha Jo’s father,” a police spokesman told AFP.

Source: AFP.

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