Lie P: A Dark and Gripping Game Inspired by Pinocchio and Bloodborne – Experience Deep Combat and Compelling Story

“Lie P”: A Dark and Gripping Game Inspired by Pinocchio and Bloodborne

Finally, the highly anticipated game “Lie P” is here! Inspired by the stories of Pinocchio and Bloodborne, Neowix has brought this Souls-like game to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

A Dark Reimagining of Pinocchio’s Tale

In “Lies of P,” developers NEOWIZ have brought a new, dark twist to the classic tale of Pinocchio. Players will follow the journey of Pi, a puppet, as he navigates a decadent city in search of Geppetto and his ultimate quest to become human. The game boasts stunning graphics, immersing players into Krat, a city inspired by the Belle Époque era. This city is a haunting blend of beauty and decay, providing a truly captivating setting for the game.

Experience Deep Combat and Compelling Story

“Lies of P” promises not only a deep and rewarding combat system but also character customization options. The game’s narrative also offers engaging storytelling, with interesting choices that impact the protagonist’s humanity. The more lies told, the more human P becomes. Our review of the demo gave us a taste of these mechanics and left us eagerly anticipating the full release.

Furthermore, the game features interconnected procedural missions that unfold based on the lies told, potentially influencing the story’s outcome.

Precise Gameplay and Unique Battles

With its precise gameplay mechanics, “Lies of P” offers players the opportunity to engage in a variety of unique battles using a rewarding melee combat system. The weapon assembly system allows players to combine weapons in various ways, resulting in fresh and exciting combinations each time.

Exclusive Deluxe Edition for True Fans

For avid fans, “Lies of P” also offers an exclusive Deluxe Edition, available for purchase from select retailers. This edition includes a physical copy of the game presented in a collector’s box inspired by tomes, a limited edition SteelBook, a hardcover art book, and digital item bonuses. These digital perks include the original soundtrack, the Great Venigna Set costume, and a unique in-game mask to further enhance your gaming experience.

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