Let’s Sing 2024: An Exciting Teaser Trailer and New Features Revealed for All Consoles

Plaion Announces Let’s Sing 2024


Plaion announces Let’s sing 2024 with a first teaser trailer for all current consoles. The release will take place later this year and all information can be found in the press release:

Career Mode

Become a solo artist in career mode from Let’s sing 24 to superstars. For the first time in franchise history, Let’s Sing tells a story that takes the player from an enthusiastic student taking his first singing lessons to an absolute star. On your way to fame, you’ll perform countless songs, manage special challenges, and meet unforgettable characters.

Karaoke Party

If you are looking for a great karaoke party, you will of course find it in Let’s sing 24: Up to four players can hit each other to their heart’s content.

Online Multiplayer Mode

The new online multiplayer mode Let’s Sing Fest is intended for those who want to train their vocal muscles in a friendly competition. In a lobby with an endless series of songs, you try to climb to the top of the leaderboard, with everyone singing the same songs at the same time.

Avatar Customization

With the new avatar customization of Let’s sing 24, you can express your own unique style for the first time. From how your avatar looks to how you move, there are almost endless possibilities to create your own iconic character.

New Look and Feel

Let’s sing 24 also shines with a completely new look and feel that will catapult you onto the festival stages, where your performance will cause a sensation.

Track List

The track list of Let’s sing 24 is chockfull of hits that make it impossible to stay still during his performance. This year, the 35 titles in the game include the following international and German hits that will motivate you to perform at your best:

  • Nina Chuba Wild berry Lillet
  • Leony Remedy
  • Juju performance. Henning May Missing
  • Tim Bendzko Save the world
  • BTS Dynamite
  • Queen Another bite of the dust
  • Tom Odell Another love

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