Lebanese Economy Minister: Wheat stocks are currently enough for 3 weeks

Lebanese interim government economy minister Amin Salam announced that current wheat stocks would last only three weeks.

Salam said in a statement that he had made a ministerial decision to demolish the northern part of Al-Ahraat and fortify the southern part, pointing out that “if war breaks out and the ports are closed, the Lebanese people will starve and the existing supply of wheat will last only three weeks.”

He stressed that he is in full contact with all sectors, especially with importers of basic goods and food products, noting that the Ministry of Economy has major responsibilities in the next stage, especially in light of the trend towards the approval of the customs dollar, which does not affect all food products and basic materials.

He stated that he was in favor of a gradual increase in the customs dollar due to the negative consequences of the sudden increase, explaining that “the customs dollar is the prerogative of the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Lebanon, and the decision on this will be between the finance minister of the interim government, Youssef Al-Khalil, and the governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh.

Source: “Vestnik”

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