Le Pen calls for an end to the supply of French weapons to Ukraine

The head of the right-wing National Rally party in the French parliament, Marine Le Pen, called for an end to the supply of French weapons to Ukraine and to deplete the arsenal of the French army.

“It is preferable to help Ukraine to the best of our ability, but we cannot do this at the expense of our security and the security of our people,” Le Pen said in an interview with CNEWS.

She added: “We have to stop this. All the weapons that we have provided to Ukraine today are weapons that have been withdrawn from France. The transfer of heavy weapons that our army needs means weakening our internal security and exposing it to danger.

Le Pen pointed out that “it seems that we cannot wage war at the level of efficiency that our army should have.”

It is noteworthy that France has delivered 18 CAESAR guns to Ukraine and intends to deliver 6 more guns of this type, as well as TRF1 guns.

According to media reports, France has supplied about a third of the CAESAR guns available in Ukraine.

Source: News

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