Lavrov: US is trying to force the whole world to abandon cheap energy sources

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that the United States is trying to get the whole world to move away from cheap energy sources.

The Russian minister’s statement was made at a press conference held today in Denpasar (Indonesia), during which he spoke about the results of his participation in the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers.

The Russian minister emphasized that Russia is ready to fulfill all its obligations to supply cheap energy resources, and said: “While the United States strongly opposes this, it is also forcing Europe and the rest of the world to abandon these affordable (cheap) energy sources and switch to much more expensive .” .

Regarding the energy crisis that is observed in the world, Lavrov said that this crisis, like the food crisis, did not begin today, but is the result of adventurous policies pursued by the West, including the forced implementation of the “green transition” (transition to environmentally friendly sources ).

“With regard to food security, the President of Russia (Vladimir Putin) has repeatedly given precise explanations about the origin of these crises, which did not begin today, not in February (2022) and not even last year,” the Russian Foreign Minister said. .

He added: “These crises were the result of adventurous, ill-conceived and wrong policies of the West, including the forcible introduction of the so-called green transition, as well as artificial interference in the mechanisms of regulation of demand and consumption.”

Oil and gas prices on world markets and in Europe are rising in the light of restrictions imposed by the West on oil exports from Russia and fears of interruptions in the supply of Russian blue fuel.

Source: TASS

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