Lavrentiev: Russia continues to support Syria to overcome existing obstacles and fight terrorism

Special Representative of the Russian President for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev confirmed that Russia continues to support Syria in overcoming existing obstacles and provide additional support to the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism.

During a joint meeting of the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies at the Conference Palace in Damascus as part of the fifth meeting following the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees and Displaced Persons, the Special Representative of the President of Russia said: “The Syrian armed forces are tirelessly fighting terrorism … Russia continues to support Syria in overcoming existing obstacles.

Lavrentiev stressed that Syria was the first country to actually challenge the United States in 2011 and succeed in the fight against terrorism, noting that the Syrian army will receive more support from Russia in the fight against terrorism.

Lavrentiev continued: “The West does not recognize the facts and does not want to give up its imperialist ambitions. The world order, in which one country imposed its interests at the expense of others, is now collapsing.”

Lavriventiev called on the international community to take appropriate measures to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria: “The international community should take effective measures to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria and help implement early recovery projects, as this is the only way to solve the problems of Syrian refugees as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, he said Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Mikhail Mezintsev The difficult economic situation in Syria is caused by the pressure of illegal sanctions from Western countries.

As emphasized Head of the Russian Coordinating Body, Commander of the Russian National Defense Center Aleksey Korshinin The two coordinating bodies have been working for 4 years to help the Syrian people overcome serious problems, stressing that Russia will continue to provide all kinds of assistance to Syria to solve problems.

He indicated that Russia is making efforts with Syria to restore heritage sites destroyed by terrorism.

Korshinin added that the measures of the Syrian leadership create favorable conditions for the return of displaced persons.

Syrian Minister of Local Government: Amnesty decrees are the most important in the return of refugees

For his part, Minister of Local Government and Environment Hussein Makhlouf, head of the Syrian side in the Joint Syrian-Russian Commission for Coordinating the Return of Displaced Syrians, said that the return of more than five million displaced people and refugees to their homes has been secured, half of them since 2018 year, and work continues on reconstruction, maintenance, economic recovery, increased production and everything that could improve the lives and livelihoods of the Syrians.

Makhlouf added: “Today, the work is focused on rehabilitation in Maarat al-Numan to keep pace with the return of people and provide essential services for the city.”

Makhlouf pointed out that the amnesty decrees are the most important in the return of refugees, since a large number of citizens have benefited from them, and the number of those whose status has been regularized has reached 312,099 people, most of whom are young people returning to their homeland. .

Source: RT

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