Kyiv: Ukrainian forces can strike at the Crimea with the help of American HIMARS launchers

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Vadim Skipetsky said that Kyiv could use US missiles to strike Russian Crimea.

When asked by journalists if Ukrainian forces could use American HIMARS and M270 missile launchers to strike at Crimea, Skipetsky replied that it was possible.

Ukrainian forces have been shelling residential areas with HIMARS rockets, as they bombed the city of Novaya Kakhovka in the liberated Kherson region last Monday evening, resulting in deaths and injuries, and last Wednesday they bombed Lugansk lands with these rockets.

The American MLRS HIMARS with a range of about 80 kilometers was included in the eleventh package of military assistance to Kyiv from Washington, which was announced on June 1.

Source: RIA Novosti

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