Kyiv puts an end to 3 smuggling channels used by deserters

The Security Service of Ukraine announced the elimination of 3 channels of smuggling of Ukrainian soldiers who evade the draft, two in the Kyiv region and one in Transcarpathia.

The Security Service of Ukraine published a statement on Telegram stating: “The SBU canceled 3 detachments to evade mobilization, among the detainees were the head of the Military Medical Commission and a lawyer.”

As a result of the investigations, it is reported that “a hundred evaders” who intended to use these channels were prevented.

According to the SBU, there are two channels in the Kiev province, one of which was organized by the head of the medical commission of the local military registration and enlistment office, who deregistered those wanted for military service for bribes, and the second was created by the head of a charitable organization, who excluded drivers transporting humanitarian aid from the mobilization across borders.

While the Third Channel was in Transcarpathia, it was supervised by a lawyer who organized the illegal departure of evaders from Ukraine.

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