Kyiv aims to use Russia’s frozen funds abroad to repay state loans

Oleg Ustinko, adviser to Vladimir Zelensky on economic issues, proposed to pay off the public debt at the expense of Russia’s frozen assets abroad.

RIA Novosti quotes Ustinko in a TV interview: Currently, Kiev is not repaying foreign loans, on the other hand, Russian assets are frozen abroad, including $350 billion in gold and foreign currency and $150 billion in foreign currency. cash.

Ustinko added that the public debt of Ukraine is much less, ten times less, and we can use part of the Russian money, then the Ukrainian economy will begin to grow, and investors will come, that is, we will cover the debt with a part of what we take from the Russian Federation.

Zelensky’s adviser said that after the end of the conflict, a “conference of creditors” would be organized, and then the future of Ukraine’s public debt would become clear.

In January 2023, Ukraine’s public debt amounted to $17.9 billion (UAH 658.4 billion).


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