Kosovo’s Violence Condemned by Western Countries

Britain, France, Italy, the US and Germany condemned the violence in the Serbian province of Kosovo and called for an immediate de-escalation.

“We condemn Kosovo’s decision to forcibly reopen the municipal council buildings in northern Kosovo despite our call for restraint,” the joint statement said, which was posted on the UK government website on Friday.

And the statement continued: “We call on the Kosovo authorities to immediately step back, stop the escalation and coordinate their actions with the EULEX (European Union law and order) mission and KFOR (European Union security mission).”

Five countries condemned the attack on the Eulex mission in Zvecany.

The Five also expressed concern about Serbia’s decision to put its forces on alert because of the situation in Kosovo.

States called on all parties to “show maximum restraint and avoid provocative rhetoric.”

This is happening against the backdrop of clashes between the police of the province of Kosovo, which declared separation from Serbia from one point, and the Serbian population in the north of the province, as a result of which both sides were injured.

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