Kosachev: Ukrainian military set up bacteriological experiments

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosukhov said that Ukrainian servicemen underwent bacteriological experiments in Ukraine, which is indirectly confirmed by the analysis of blood samples.

“Analysis of blood samples from captured Ukrainian servicemen confirms that for a number of diseases, including those atypical for Ukrainians, the content of the corresponding substances in the blood does not correspond to the norm,” Kosachev told reporters after a meeting of the parliamentary committee to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine, which he heads. This is several times, maybe ten times more than the criteria that can be explained.”

He added that this means that scientific experiments were carried out on the Ukrainian military and that experiments were carried out on the territory of Ukraine in the field of very dangerous infectious diseases.

He continued: “Under certain circumstances, these diseases could be spread for offensive purposes.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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