King Charles III visits a training camp for Ukrainian forces in Wiltshire (photo)

King Charles III visited Ukrainian soldiers undergoing military training at a training camp in Wiltshire, southwest England, on the occasion of the anniversary of the military operation in Ukraine.

The king, 74, was photographed shaking hands with soldiers who are completing their fifth week of basic combat training with partner British and international forces, and the king exchanged smiles with soldiers who will return to fight in Ukraine after their training. over.

King Charles also participated in the ‘hongi’, the traditional Maori greeting in which two people greet each other by rubbing their noses when meeting a New Zealand soldier, as ‘hongi’ is an important part of New Zealand culture and signifies that the two peoples are now ‘united’ .

According to the Daily Mail, although the soldiers are in full uniform, the king decided to wear casual clothes for his visit to them, and after the men were overjoyed at the beginning of the meeting with the king’s visit, his mood changed when they talked about the current situation in their country.

Earlier this month, Charles had a private meeting with President Zelensky at Buckingham Palace.

Zelenskiy said meeting the king was “a really special moment” and referred to Charles’s previous military service in the Royal Air Force: “The king is an Air Force pilot, and today in Ukraine every pilot is like a king.”

Source: Daily Mail

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