Kazakhstan Ready to be Reliable Partner for Germany and Europe in Natural Resources and Raw Material Supplies: Kazakh President

Kazakh President Emphasizes Country’s Readiness to be a Reliable Partner for Germany in Natural Resources

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized that his country is ready to be a “reliable partner” for Germany and other European countries in the field of natural resources and raw material supplies.

Promising Areas of Joint Cooperation Identified

In a statement, the press service of the President of Kazakhstan following his meeting with representatives of the Kazakh and German business communities on Thursday said: “The head of state has identified a number of promising areas of joint cooperation.”

Kazakhstan’s Readiness as a Reliable Partner

Tokayev said: “Kazakhstan is ready, first of all, to be a reliable partner in the field of natural resources and vital raw materials that industry in Germany and Europe needs.”

Projected Increase in Demand for Raw Materials

The statement added: “Demand for vital raw materials and rare metals is expected to quadruple by 2040. The World Bank estimates that Kazakhstan has more than 5,000 undrawn reservoirs worth more than $46 trillion.”

Proposal for a Raw Materials Consortium

Tokayev continued: “It is for this reason that I proposed to Chancellor Olaf Schultz to create a consortium to implement joint projects in the field of raw materials,” believing that this idea would take cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany to a new level.

Collaborative Talks with German Chancellor

Tokayev held talks with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz in Berlin on Thursday, at which the German Chancellor expressed interest in increasing oil supplies from Kazakhstan, diversifying supply chains, and implementing infrastructure projects.

Source: TASS

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