Kanani – RT: The leaders of the Munich Security Conference acted unprofessionally

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani believes that the organizers of the Munich Security Conference “committed an unprofessional act” by not allowing some countries to participate.

Asked by RT about the Munich conference, Kanani said: “The conference is launched under the name Security and should provide a platform for the presentation of various international opinions to discuss international security … making it impossible and not allowing some countries, especially one that affects international security and empowers one side, which is a unilateral policy practice that does not serve international security.

He pointed out that “allowing some parties that supported foreign intervention in some countries does not serve international security, but rather it is necessary to present different opinions and ideas in a balanced way”, adding: “The organizers of the conference this year did an unprofessional act this year, and we hope to avoid this next year.”

It is noteworthy that earlier the Russian Foreign Ministry for the first time in the last two decades announced a boycott of the Moscow conference, emphasizing that the forum had lost its objectivity.

Source: RT

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